Engineering a second chance at mobility

Engineers are finding new ways to help paralyzed patients regain the ability to walk.

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Finding a home for renewable energy

As fossil fuel supplies continue to deplete, intelligent energy management is more important than ever, leading energy distribution companies to engineer new energy storage systems.

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John Alford: Designer. Tester. Environmentalist. Engineer.

"I loved building things and taking them apart, and seeing how they worked." John has engineering in his blood. At an early age, he realized engineering would be his path too.

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Making virtual assistants better

Developments in virtual assistance technology are broadening use cases, making human-machine interaction more intuitive and even supporting soldiers in combat.

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Manufacturing improved furniture fasteners

Modular furniture is an affordable option, but often leads to frustrations with assembly and durability. Manufacturers are addressing this problem with improved furniture fasteners.

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Fighting the super powers of super bugs

Nearly 40,000 people could die from antibiotic-resistant super bugs in the next five years. These engineers are committed to making sure that doesn't happen.

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"Art without engineering is dreaming."- Steven Roberts

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Jim Montgomery: Pushing the boundaries of space exploration

Jim always wanted to be an astronaut. Although his dream never came true, that didn't stop him from exploring planets no man - or machine - ever has before.

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Christine Joseph: preparing a career for liftoff at NASA

As a high school senior, Christine fell in love with engineering during a visit to NASA. Years later, she is committed to pursuing her passion in the place where it all started.

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The Economics of Engineering

Engineers have gained a reputation for making the improbable possible. While the social impact of engineers is all around us, its economic impact is harder to see.

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The Engineering 100

Celebrating the individuals making the biggest impact on the industry and the future of engineering globally.

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